We Connect People.

Core Values

We treat all people with dignity and respect, and value diversity, inclusivity, and cultural humility.

Bringing people together to end poverty for good

Our Mission

CCEDC, Inc. was formed to empower underprivileged youth living in affordable housing complexes and  surrounding areas within the inner city of Los Angeles by providing free computer education, internet and printer access, and academic support.  We are dedicated to increasing computer literacy and offering training opportunities in information technology to inner city youth ranging from 10 to 18 years of age.  We believe that by equipping at-risk youth with valuable computer skills and training, we will empower them to compete in the global economy by increasing their opportunities in higher education and career advancement.

Our Vision

Through its unique vision of linking affordable housing and information technology, our program helps underprivileged youth enhance their scholastic achievement and prevents them from becoming involved in gang and other nonproductive activities that often occur in their neighborhoods during unsupervised periods.  Our computer education centers offer inner city children a safe, supervised learning environment as an alternative.  Our computer centers are open to enrolled students only, which adds additional security for our students.

Why us.

Our Values


We conduct ourselves with honesty and ethical
principles, and strive to build trust
with community.


We approach our work with empathy
and kindness, and prioritize the well-being of individuals and communities.


We value continuous improvement
and seek to learn from our experiences
and those of others, to inform our decisions
and actions.


We express gratitude for the contributions
of our partners, stakeholders, and supporters,
and recognize the privilege of our work.


We are committed to responsible and
sustainable use of resources, and aim to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

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